Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Blog!

I ran out of storage on here and since I'm too cheap to pay for it, I just created another blog! Check it out:

I put up our Thanksgiving pictures over there!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Fun!

We had fun trick or treating... Aubrey was a princess, Kenzie was a ballerina, and Lucy was a pumpkin!

 Why must everything be done with a pose?

 Our friends Eden and Andra

 Andra was so helpful with Lucy!

 Counting her loot!

 Something I never would have given to Kenzie when she was 17 months old!

 And they perfect their poses...

 Mommom and Poppop came for a visit and Poppop listened to Kenzie read to him while Mommom sewed my curtains!

 Then Poppop read to the girls before they went to bed!

 We had quite the fashion show today trying on our clothes for Aunt Brittany's wedding!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tour of Our New House

We've been in our new house for three weeks now and I'm finally ready to take some pictures of it... it is still a major work in progress, but I think we are finally at the picture hanging point and the projects that need to get done, aren't necessary for daily living. So here is a tour:

Lucy wanted to greet everyone at the front door! Aubrey has been arranging our pumpkins in various orders for the past week ;-)

This is what you see when you walk in the front door 

This is to the left when you walk in, steps going up to the bedroom and down to the family/school/playroom

This is the living room, you can see the front door from this picture. When you walk in the front door, this is the room immediately to your right. 

View of the big picture window in the front of the house. It's really cool cuz it is bumped out a little.

I love the built in book shelves and the shelf over the door way!


 There is the big awkward space in the kitchen in front of the door to the backyard. I'm hoping Jake will build me a cool cabinet for that area one day where I can keep all my pantry stuff. 
 Dining room. Curtains will be hemmed soon :-) 

 The door on the right goes to the kitchen and the double doors that swing closed are to the living room. 
 This is the wonderful schoolroom! When we moved in this room had dark paneling, no lighting, and carpet that smelled like dog. Now it is painted a cheerful yellow, Jake installed two ceiling lights, and we had carpet installed and Jake laid tile down in front of the french doors to help save the carpet a little. 

 Screened in porch off of the family room. I fell asleep out here one night already... it's just so peaceful!
 Looking into the family room from the screened in porch... we are in desperate want of a slip cover for that couch!
 Laundry room is off of the family room. It is also a third full bathroom... which I'm sure will come in handy when our girls are teenagers :-)

And then the basement!! This house just goes on and on forever it feels!! This is going to be a great space especially as the kids get older and need to spread out!

"My" storage room. Everything I used to keep in the attic is stored in this room in the basement now. Old baby items I can't get rid of yet, clothes for the girls to grow into, seasonal decorations... serious... so grateful I don't have to go up to the attic anymore to get this stuff. The two car garage has been delegated as "Jake's" storage area... everything he used to keep in his two sheds are now stored in there.

This is the hall bathroom on the top floor where there are four bedrooms.

Lucy's room. Still really needs light, but at least she has shades and curtains now instead of the towels that were hanging on her windows until last night!!

The big girls room... and we are having serious discussions about separating them now... they just get so crazy at night, we might give it a try!

Our bedroom! It's SO big!! We still need end tables really bad and I can't wait to hang pictures... but we are just so grateful for the space in this room!

Our own bathroom!! It feels like waking up in a hotel with this beautiful bathroom just feet away from our bed! 

The walk in closet... pretty much what sold me on this house! This is awesome!!

And the fourth bedroom...
 ... the pile of junk to be unpacked is getting smaller though... that's encouraging! 
 And last but not least... I just hung up their calendar in the school room because what school room is complete without a calendar and a weather chart?? Loving this homeschool thing... it's been a little chaotic these past three weeks, but we are starting to get in a good routine I think!

So there is the tour of the incredible house God has blessed us with! There are no pictures of the outside because it is a disaster area... but hopefully there will be before and after pictures of that soon!! 

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